Between July 8 and 9 we invite you to Gorlice, for the 18th edition of the international multimedia presentation Ambient Festival

8.07 / Friday

Krzysztof Orluk

Krzysztof Orluk – aka Plexigrass. His music is embedded in between ambient, experiment,minimal and drone. So far he has participated in a numerous events across the country. He collaborates with Warsaw Electronics Festival and he writes music for both film and theatre. During his performance he will present short sound phrases that are based on the Polish shanties. The album will be released by Etabel.


„NIEDOWIERZANIE” (DISBELIEF) – this unique project with a Polish name was launched in 2007 in Marseille. It is run by a Frenchman living in Berlin and the sounds you can hear on Niedowierzanie’s albums are equally cosmopolitan as they are influenced by modern classical music as well as electronic sounds and folk. Loops are melancholic, created mainly using cello, accordion and mandolin blend nicely with modern electronic. To date “Niedowierzanie” has released three vinyl records, two cassettes and one CD. “Niedowierzanie” will perform on the first day of the festival. The concert is prepared in cooperation with the Centre of Contemporary Art “Laznia” in Gdansk.

At the end of the first day of the festival you will see an artist who surely doesn’t need any introduction.

Steve Jolliffe

Steve Jolliffe – musician playing saxophone, flute and synthesizers. He is primarily known from the bands “Steamhammer” and the legendary “Tangerine Dream” – he has played with them since the very beginning in 1969. After years of absence he returned to the band in 1978 to return the famous album “Cyclone”. So far he has released around 30 solo albums

9.07 / Saturday


BISCLAVERET  – it is a Gdansk duo formed in 2000 on the initiative of two people: Radoslaw Murawski (music and production) and Maciej Mehring ( lyrics and vocals). Currently Radoslaw Murawski is being replaced by a Warsaw origin musician Radek Kaminski. To date they have released several albums.

Massimo Magrini

Massimo Magrini, is an Italian musician using the alias “Bad Sector”. In his works Massimo combines elements of ambient industrial and experimental music. To date he has released ten solo albums and several compilations.

Hans Joahim Roedelius

Hans Joahim Roedelius. This year’s “Ambient Festival” will end with the performance given by Joahim Hans Roedelius , who is one of the most eminent representatives of the world of electronic music .

Like every year we offer a lot of additional attractions: CD/Vinyl market as well as art exhibition of the works of Adrianna Snochowska (

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